About Us

First and foremost we are a family. A family of different races, ethnicities and languages.

I am an IT Professional by day and a clown all other times. Not the kind with big shoes and a red nose, just a guy who has a sense of humor and who refuses to take himself or anyone else too seriously. Life is so shirt. So if I laughing, it is because I am making fun of myself or maybe making fun of you for wearing your underwear too tight. R-E-L-A-X. It is going to be o.k.

I love the outdoors and especially love fishing with my sons. I love backpacking, camping, bonfires and Dad Jokes.

I love anything that is remotely related to a gadget like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, although truth be told, I haven’t been able to work on either of those.

I love painting and drawing and am not a professional but find stress relief in drawing something in pencil. Anything; like a box. Yeah.. a box.

I love to write but haven’t been much of a writer as you can probably tell by what is written here. I have been told I am a much better writer than speaker. Something I need to work on, even at my age.

Most of all, I love The Lord God. He who created the Heavens and the earth.. of all that is seen and unseen.