What Did You Say? – Hearing Aids

So a few years ago, well, OK, more than just a few, tests revealed that I was slowly losing my hearing. I actually gaffed it off because I didn’t want to admit that I was really in need of Hearing Aids.
Many times I would be that guy always asking “what?”, “sorry?”, and often had to have certain things repeated over and over again. I remember being out with friends and everyone talking and laughing and never telling anyone I didn’t hear the joke or what was said. I just smiled back or laughed along with everyone else.

To be honest, I am not “old” and always thought that hearing aids were for “old folks”. I guess I am blessed in that, with today’s technology I do not have to walk around with a brass horn sticking out of my ear.

Last week, I was given a loaner pair from my Audiologist and I actually couldn’t believe how much they helped. Not only did the hearing aids help with clarity of speech but also helped manage my tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Tinnitus can be very annoying and even have damaging side effects such as; Depression, Anxiety, Frequent mood swings, Sleep disturbances, Irritability or frustration and poor concentration. I would tell you marriage has the same side effects, but I like this thing called “breathing”. Not once during the trial period did I experience tinnitus and I usually experience it several times per week.

Moreover, most people are not aware that there is a direct link between hearing loss and dementia.  Having had love ones whom suffered from dementia puts me in the category of, “No thank you, let me see those hearing aids, I think I could really use a pair!”

So off I go on a new journey in this thing called Life; to get a pair of hearing aids.  I don’t have a pair yet, but hopefully I will soon. Those things are mighty expensive and I know a place that deals in black-market kidney sales ;-).   We’ll see.

If you are in the DMV area I would highly recommend Dr. Maryam Esmaeli.  She can be contacted through her website here: http://audiologycenterofmaryland.com/index.html or www.facebook.com/AudiologyCenterofMaryland.  Dr. Esmaeli is a very caring Audiologist who will spend whatever time is necessary to explain the tests, results, some strange historical facts about Q-Tips, and the best way forward for the patient.  The reason I actually ended up in her office was because of the way she handled our grandson; much love and care!