Arduino Temperature Sensor

As I am recovering from back surgery, I wanted something to do.  I cannot concentrate for long periods of time. Reading, tinkering, just anything to keep my mind in somewhat of a sane state helps.

I have always loved gadgets, electronics, and things.  Today, most of what we now use is considered to be part of the Internet of Things (IoT), somehow connected to the world we live in.  It really is amazing on how connected we are!

Arduino and Raspberry Pi are two of my favorite things to tinker with. Before surgery I didn’t have a lot of time to focus on “tinkering”.  Too busy with work, life, life, and well, life.  I am also trying to study for the RHCSA, maintain my CISSP (successful this year!!), and teach myself Java.

At any rate, I decided to pull out and dust off the electronics I had and augment it with some new small parts to “build” something.  So far I have built a “World Clock”, “Temp and Humidity Sensor” that updates “ThingsSpeak” web site so I can monitor the fluctuations, and a “Weather Station” that pulls data from Weather Underground and displays it on a small OLED.  I added the DHT11 (Temp/Hum Sensor) and can display it but haven’t quiet figured out how to combine the code  with the code that logs to ThingsSpeak.

Here are a few photos of the Weather Station: