Loch Raven Reservoir

This past weekend I had the privilege to fish the Loch Raven Reservoir north of Baltimore, MD.  Loch Raven provides the residents of the city with its water. Better yet is the beauty of the area and the first time fishing experience I had.

It was a bit windy but I rented a boat with a trolling motor and had no issues fishing for 4 hours. I am sure I could have done two more had the time allowed for it. Unfortunately and foreign to me is that Maryland has this weirdness about being off lakes before 7:00 PM.  Where I grew up, as long as one had running lights on their boat, they could fish any time and pretty much anywhere, 24 x 7.  When the lakes freeze over, you just ice fish.  At any rate, not here to talk about States that have more common sense. Was that a dig? I have been in MD for 17 years and counting so if I really didn’t like it I could always leave.  Just wish they had a better fishing scene on their fresh water “lakes” (reservoirs).

So hopped out on the water at 2:45 pm and had a bass in 3o minutes about 200 yards out on the left from the boat launch area on a greenish-brown worm.  Rather small but definitely feisty.  We then went across from that area and fished the shore before going back down and to the left (right of the boat docks).  Now this is my first time fishing up here and I didn’t have a depth/contour map so I was eyeballing everything.  We were fishing the areas where the drop offs happen.  Still using a plastic worm as well as a frog.  We had a lot of strikes and caught two really nice bass (Hogs).  They had to weigh 4 pounds each. Probably about 18-20 inches long. We didn’t weigh or measure them as we were really up there scouting things out.

At any rate, it was definitely good fishing and when I do it again, I will be better prepared with map, GPS, weight scale, thermometer for the water and some Gary Yamamoto Senko baits.

Fish On!