Fishing the Potomac

I have never fished the Potomac River and thought that I might as well give it a try. I have been living in the area for 17 years and most of my fishing is done in area ponds or Maryland Trout streams such as the Cassleman or Beaver Creek. Aside from Maryland, I love to travel to northern Minnesota for Walleye fishing in Rainy Lake.

I tried Riley’s Lock and Pennyfield Lock, crossing over to the the banks of the Potomac to see what I could catch.  The rivers was flowing high and fast.  After all the rain we have been getting, the water was fairly muddy as well.   There were several fisherman at Riley’s Lock fishing for catfish and ended up leaving about the same time I did to head on down to Pennyfield Lock.  Tales of “Snakeheads” by the hundreds drew me there.

Long story long, it was a nice day to be out fishing. Nothing to write home about but the catfish put up a good fight.