Grilling Time


It is Memorial Day Weekend and what better weekend than to kick-off “Grilling Season”?  I know, some of the hard core outdoor chefs have already kicked off the season with some of the nicer days we had earlier in the year.  For me, it was about having a grill.

So the story starts two years ago on May 23, 2015. I decided to buy a Kenmore Grill, model number 14634611410.  I have included a picture. Looks nice right?


Well, shortly after buying the grill, we started having troubles with the wheel assembly. Not the best manufacturing for sure. For the sake of the Steak, I decided I would just call Sears up and have it repaired since it was under its two year warranty.  No issues. Sears delivered a box with the new parts in short order.

Fast forward to the second year (still under warranty) and the burner assembly was just simply falling apart. No problem right? After all it is under a two year warranty. So, I called Sears and after several “transfers” a nice gentleman helps me with the seven parts I need to make my grill work again. Ten days later and a huge box show up. I thought it was a complete grill the box was so big (exaggeration for effect).  However, buried deep within the filler paper was one gas tube. I thought, oh someone messed up on that order.  A few days later and the other part to the assembly shows up.  So I thought, yeah, definitely someone didn’t have enough coffee when they packed the order.  I promptly called Sears and after another 4 or 5 transfers I was told that they wouldn’t send me any more parts.

So here is a grill, under a two year warranty but apparently only two of the seven parts needed to make the grill work are under warranty?  I was and am still furious. So much so, that I will NEVER do business with Sears again.  I simply cannot do business with a company that will not honor their warranty service. Perhaps I should talk to a lawyer?

Today, I went to Home Depot and purchased a new grill.  It is the Nexgrill 4 Burner, Model # 720-0783EH.  One thing I noticed right off the bat, is that they have a 5 year warranty on the burner assembly.  Can anyone say A W E S O M E ?!

Whilst the jury is certainly still out as to how good this will be, I expect it will be better than the Kenmore.  I certainly will post updates, good or bad, in the coming days and months.  Here is a picture of the Nexgrill.

I will never buy from Sears again. All the Sears Appliances will be serviced by someone other than Sears. Sure, the parts if needed will be purchased through their manufacturing facility, but they will not earn one dollar in labor.  Sounds crazy to some perhaps but it is about principles.  Way too many people do not adhere to principles and call me old school, it matters to me.

Lastly, and for the record, the Kenmore was cared for with a premium cover, and I cleaned out the grease frequently and the burners too.  I know nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky (Kansas anyone?), all we are is dust in the wind…

Sorry, bunny trail…

Happy Grilling!